Feeling Useless at Work? Try These Tips.

There’s little worse than feeling uninspired, disengaged and generally useless at your job. Everyone wants to know they are contributing to their employer’s productivity and ultimate success. While your managers are somewhat responsible for keeping you engaged, sometimes you need to find that inspiration to succeed within yourself. Keeping being a productive worker in mind,… Read More »

Selling Yourself During a Phone Interview

Companies tend to get swamped whenever they post about an open position. Subsequently, their HR team gets inundated with potentially hundreds of résumés; requiring an inordinate amount of time to parse through all those candidates. To speed up the process, businesses are increasingly turning to phone interviews for an initial screening of their candidate pool.… Read More »

Should You Quit Without Something Else Lined Up?

So, after thinking about your current situation, you’ve decided to quit your job. Whatever the reasons behind this decision, it’s now time to inform your boss and co-workers. But should you wait until you receive another job offer, or is quitting now without other work lined up the best choice? Let’s take a look at… Read More »

Four Ways to Say “I’m Unprofessional”

Finding a great job takes planning, effort, and persistence – even in a market that favors those looking for work. You need a great résumé that concisely explains your skills and meaningful experience, along with a cover letter going into more detail on both. Most importantly, you need to present yourself as a true professional… Read More »