Feeling Useless at Work? Try These Tips.

There’s little worse than feeling uninspired, disengaged and generally useless at your job. Everyone wants to know they are contributing to their employer’s productivity and ultimate success. While your managers are somewhat responsible for keeping you engaged, sometimes you need to find that inspiration to succeed within yourself.

Keeping being a productive worker in mind, here are a few essential tips to counter an occasional useless feeling at work. Let these ideas inspire your daily efforts and help keep your career on the path to success.

Simply Work Harder

When you are feeling useless at work, remember this is only your perception and might not be shared by your boss and co-workers. Focus on your current task list, while ramping up your overall effort. This additional productivity gives you a sense of accomplishment likely lessening any feelings of uselessness.

In short, simply work harder to get out of your rut.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Perhaps those useless feelings only appear because of a tendency to be too self-critical. Instead, try to think about your accomplishments, both inside the office and in your personal life. Schedule some time during the week – maybe after a meditation session – to reflect on all the positive feedback you received.

Ultimately, don’t always focus on the negative, as this feeds into feelings of uselessness. A positive attitude always helps.

Display More Leadership at the Office

Make it a point to help your co-workers; even serving as a mentor to somebody new to your office when needed. Consider spending time learning everything about an application your company uses, so others can turn to you for advice and your expert-level knowledge.

Displaying this kind of selfless leadership definitely attracts the attention of your managers. Maybe they will start to think you deserve a promotion? Additionally, it simply lets you feel better about yourself.

Ask for More Responsibility

After showing some leadership around the office, meet with your boss and ask for more responsibility. They likely are paying attention with you showing some leadership potential. Displaying self-confidence along with a higher productivity level helps your mood and the company’s operations.

A promotion or at least a few more duties on your plate helps make those feelings of uselessness seem like yesterday’s news.

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