Four Ways to Say “I’m Unprofessional”

Finding a great job takes planning, effort, and persistence – even in a market that favors those looking for work. You need a great résumé that concisely explains your skills and meaningful experience, along with a cover letter going into more detail on both. Most importantly, you need to present yourself as a true professional when given the chance to interview.

Interview preparation plays an essential role in earning that coveted job offer. This includes your dress, appearance, and being able to speak confidently about your candidacy. So, with a great performance in mind, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Study Your Résumé

Expect to be asked details on the contents of résumé, especially your range of skills and professional experience. If you don’t have this information at the forefront of your mind, you could end up stumbling over your words. This simply comes off as unprofessional in the eyes of most hiring managers.

Projecting a confident air gives you the best shot at a job offer. Take the time the night before the interview to study your résumé and consider how to best answer questions aimed at determining your fit for the open position.

Your Dress and Appearance Are Unprofessional

Even if you are interviewing with a company with a casual dress code, you need to look professional during an interview. So, dress for success, while paying close attention to your grooming the morning of the interview.

If you ultimately accept a job offer, then jeans and T-shirt are great, if your new employer’s dress code allows it. But not when interviewing!

Never Be Late for an Interview

Being late for an interview likely spells doom for your chances at a job offer. Make it a point to arrive at least 10-15 minutes beforehand and spend the extra time in your car for one final mental prep session. Additionally, consider driving to the interview site on another day to get a feel for the local traffic patterns.

Not Able to Ask a Meaningful Question When Prompted

The interviewer typically gives you the opportunity to ask a question or two. Research the company in question, including their culture and current project work, and show off your research when prompted. That might make the difference in you earning a job offer!

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