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The needs of modern organizations are always evolving. Regulations are in flux, technology advances rapidly and market conditions shift. Successful businesses must evolve their recruitment practices to keep up, and that requires a level of agility and flexibility that isn’t always possible in a traditional corporate structure.

Our screening process along with our drive to match talent with the right opportunity sets us up for delivering quality candidates, every time.


Client Services

You don’t have to settle for just-available talent for immediate, short-term needs. PRG works with talented people who have made a career out of contracting with top organizations. Hire skilled professionals with unique expertise for engagements of any length. Every consultant is matched based on both skill and personal alignment with your organization.

Evaluate a candidate in your work environment before committing to a permanent job offer. Contract-to-hire significantly reduces hiring risk and boosts long-term retention.

Streamline your hiring process, even for roles you find challenging to fill. PRG handles talent sourcing and screening for you, presenting you with only the most qualified and aligned professionals.

PRG offers ongoing, customized services to support the evolving needs of clients. Our team builds specific processes around each client with a clear understanding of their requirements, expectations and service level objectives. Those services include, but are not limited to:

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Managed Services
  • Veterans Hiring Support
  • Onboarding Assistance

As an experienced and proven managed service and project solution partner, PRG offers fully-customizable solutions tailored specifically to your project needs.  We combine proven staffing capabilities with the latest technology to support strategy, development, and execution of critical projects.

We also understand the potential exposure organizations face when implementing Statement of Work projects or outsourcing operations. Our solutions remain focused on deliverables, provide greater cost controls, reduce your risk, and allow you to remain focused on your core business.

U.S. military veterans are disciplined, experienced, well-trained and understand the dynamics of working as part of a team. PRG actively recruits talented veterans and active-duty service members nearing their separation date. We have developed a proprietary process that allows candidates to interview 24/7, and those interviews can be immediately shared with employers.

Don’t wait for talent. Let PRG deliver it.

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