Our Company

Established in 2001, Peyton Resource Group is a solution-based staffing company that matches businesses with top talent for short-term, long-term or permanent needs.

People are a business’s most valuable asset. Peyton Resource Group is dedicated to helping companies find the best talent, matching professionals with jobs where they will thrive.

Our Mission

PRG’s driving principle is to “serve others first,” doing what is in the best interests of our clients and candidates with every interaction and every decision.

Our Vision

The leadership team of Peyton Resource Group brings over 75 years of industry experience to the table, yet we are not resting on that experience. We continue to evolve and innovate and are always seeking new ways to serve our clients and talent more efficiently.

PRG is a company that is large enough to deliver on complex challenges, yet remains focused on maintaining personal relationships and providing individualized service.

We believe clients and candidates see our difference immediately. We dismiss “corporate speak,” and deliver real, honest staffing solutions that make sense.

The PRG Approach

PRG leverages both personal relationships and technology to ensure efficient, strong matches for every project and role we fill. Our approach delivers:

  • Transparency: We are open, communicative and provide clients and talent with the information they need to make smart choices.
  • Data: From the start of a search through the closing of a project, PRG collects feedback and metrics so clients can effectively measure success.
  • Support: PRG doesn’t disappear after a placement. Scheduled, ongoing check-ins ensure each party’s satisfaction with a placement.
  • Agility: We understand the scope of a project or job can change at a moment’s notice, and our seasoned team is ready to adapt with urgency and resolve.
  • Flexibility: PRG services and support evolve alongside your business.
  • Personalization: Every search is tailored to the unique needs of the client, whether the business is a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation.

Find the solution that works for you.

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