Creating a Morning Routine That Sets You Up For a Good Day

Any productive day at the office begins with a well-considered pre-office morning schedule. Finding time for exercise, meditation, and a good breakfast simply makes you a more productive worker. In the long run, the right morning routine is good for your career. Here are a few tips and tricks for developing a morning routine to… Read More »

Avoid Negativity in The Workplace

Your chances of a successful career in technology or another field improve when displaying a positive disposition in the office. The reasons for this are pretty simple. Companies want employees with great attitudes who can get along with their fellow coworkers. In the modern business world, teamwork is essential! In short, negativity in the workplace… Read More »

Didn’t Get The Raise? What’s Next?

After a great year and a positive annual review, you asked your boss for a raise. Unfortunately, they didn’t give you one, even after showing exemplary performance since being hired. Obviously, you are very frustrated, maybe even feeling a little betrayed. This is an understandable reaction. At this point, it’s essential to take stock of… Read More »

Get Your Work-Life Balance Back Today With These 5 Tips

Forging a meaningful balance between your personal and professional lives remains an essential part of any successful career. However, this becomes difficult when focusing too much on your daily work routine. This single-minded approach is counterintuitive, potentially leading to increased stress and a loss in productivity.  In short, your work-life balance is essential. Here are… Read More »

How to Turn Feedback From a Job Rejection Into Something Positive

Your well-crafted résumé led to a job interview with a top company in your area. You studied the company in question and practiced your interview techniques and felt you gave an excellent performance. Unfortunately, that coveted job offer went to another candidate.  This rejection isn’t the end of the world. The most crucial point is… Read More »

Is It a Bad Idea to Quit Your Job Without Something Lined Up?

If your morale at work is at the bottom and you dread coming into the office, thoughts of quitting your job fill the mind. But shouldn’t you already have a new position lined up before giving notice? The answer to the question depends on your situation.  Let’s take a closer look at this critical issue affecting many workers in a variety… Read More »

5 Insightful Questions to Ask During Your Annual Review

Remember, your annual review needn’t be a one-way street. Sure, expect to receive information from your manager about your performance and areas of improvement. But you also need to ask a few meaningful questions that illustrate you care about both your employer and your career development. With an engaged, interactive annual review in mind, here… Read More »

The Importance of Building a Strong Relationship With Your Boss

Building long-lasting professional relationships provides significant benefits throughout your career. These connections include those with coworkers, recruiters, clients, and arguably the most important relationship: the one you forge with your managers. This relationship with your boss likely plays the biggest role in your ultimate career success. What follows are a few ideas on why you… Read More »

Giving Thanks: How to Write an Effective Thank You Note

Being able to craft a simple thank you note serves you well throughout your career. It adds a nice professional touch when interviewing with a company, even if you don’t receive a job offer. Also consider sending one when a colleague helps with you with a work-related problem or informs you about an interesting job… Read More »

Why Working With a Recruiter Will Help You Get Ahead

If the prospects of a long, drawn-out job search frighten you, rest easy. After all, you don’t have to go about the entire process by yourself. Working with an experienced recruiter offers a myriad of benefits that ultimately help place you in a great position within your chosen field. With an eye towards an efficient… Read More »