Recovering From a Slip-Up on the Job

Going an entire career without making one mistake is an unlikely occurrence no matter your skills and experience. In fact, some of the top technology companies in the world want their employees to make mistakes, because they provide excellent learning opportunities. Ultimately, you are likely to be judged more for your reaction to a mistake than the actual slip-up itself.

With an eye towards a successful recovery, here are a few ideas on how to handle things when you make a mistake at work. Hopefully, you won’t need to follow this advice too often!

Immediately Take Responsibility for the Mistake

Taking responsibility for your mistake as soon as possible remains the most important part of recovering from it. Don’t try to ignore it and hope nobody notices the slip-up.

Additionally, never lie about it. Dishonesty is the worst mistake you can make in any job, and might very well lead to your termination.

Apologize to Everyone Affected by the Slip-Up

Be generous with the apologies after making a mistake at work. Speak with everyone affected by the problem; consider sending a company-wide email with your mea culpa. Once again, remember you are judged more for your reaction than the mistake itself. Never forget that simple fact!

Fix the Issue if Possible

When you are at fault for a mistake, it’s up to you to burn the midnight oil to get the issue fixed. Work with your manager to come up with a valid plan and take the lead on implementing it. This is a great test to see if you assume responsibility in this kind of situation.

Follow Up to Ensure the Problem is Successfully Handled

Once you fixed the problem, don’t simply forget it ever happened. Follow up with your boss and coworkers to ensure you handled the problem in the right manner. Be sure to deal with any other issues related to your mistake.

Don’t Let It Happen Again!

As we said earlier, many employers don’t mind mistakes as they provide an excellent learning opportunity. Of course, that all goes for naught if you do it again in the future. Pay closer attention to the details when it involves your job duties, as you can’t expect repeating the same mistake over and over again to sit well with your boss.

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