Three Ways You Can Gain Managerial Experience

When you feel ready to take on additional responsibilities at your job, getting valuable experience as a manager is sometimes difficult. Perhaps your company just isn’t willing to promote you at this time? This sometimes happens when there is no room within the organizational structure for new leadership positions.

Gaining managerial experience before taking on an official leadership role requires extra effort. Let’s take a closer look at a few strategies that give you exposure to the responsibilities of a manager. This can make getting that promotion an attainable goal.

Become More of a Leader at Work

Simply taking on more of a leadership role at work is probably the easiest way to gain some managerial experience. There are numerous ways to be a leader in your current role.

Perhaps make the effort to learn everything about a complex software application your company uses; then help your co-workers when they have questions or problems. Being the “go-to person” in this manner will get you noticed by leadership.

Additionally, make it a point to mentor any new employees hired by your company. Those who are generous with their personal time when it comes to training, mentorship or simply being helpful to their fellow workers are on the track to becoming a manager.

Take Advantage of Any Volunteer Opportunities for Leadership

Volunteering at a charitable or nonprofit organization offers a great opportunity for gaining some managerial acumen outside of work. If you are a tech professional, nonprofits regularly need help with technical projects. Serve as a project manager on one of their initiatives, leading a group of fellow volunteers.

This approach gives you a measure of experience while also serving to help a good cause. If your current employer regularly gets involved with charity work, step up in a similar manner. This lets your employer see how you operate as a manager.

Work With Your Boss to Get on the Path to a Manager Position

After showing your leadership skills at and outside of work, meet with your boss to discuss how to earn a managerial position. Setting a few short-term goals while getting some training or additional education puts you on the right path. Keep displaying your potential as a leader in the office and that promotion will soon be yours. Good luck!

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