Preparing for Situational Interview Questions

The interview remains the best way for a company to probe into your skills and experience, seeing if you make a great fit with their organization. While some questions are straightforward and easily answered, you need to nail the more open-ended situational questions for the best chance at a job offer. Organizations feel this line… Read More »

Avoiding Distractions as an IT Professional

Keeping engaged and productive remains an essential part of any tech professional’s career success. Simply put, companies judge their employees by how much work they perform, with some using metrics to track this information. Because of this fact, avoiding distractions in the office helps IT pros keep their productivity level at its highest. With a… Read More »

How to Let Your Boss Know You Want More Responsibility

You’ve been doing a great job in your current role, and feel ready to take things to the next level. Ultimately, a managerial position – or even more – lies at the heart of your professional dreams. So a simple question remains: how do you approach your boss to let them know you need more… Read More »

4 Phone Interview Tips for Engineering Candidates

Congratulations on earning an interview with a top engineering organization in your region. However, there’s one major difference that needs to be considered – the company scheduled you for a phone interview. You needn’t worry, as businesses typically use this type of interview when they are swamped with candidates or don’t have a large HR… Read More »

Common Interview Mistakes You Might be Making

A great résumé and personalized cover letter helped get you an interview with a top company in your area. Now comes the most important part of your job search, as an exemplary interview performance is a must to earn that coveted job offer. As such, it’s vital you avoid the typical mistakes candidates make when… Read More »

How a Positive Attitude Can Take You Farther

No matter your field or where you stand in your career, projecting a positive attitude at all times pays dividends. Companies don’t want employees known for poor attitudes, and your coworkers feel the same way about you. If you want a rewarding career that lasts until your retirement day, staying enthusiastic and supportive is a… Read More »

The Top Three Benefits of Contract Work

Whatever your specific career path or job specialty, you might get an opportunity to work on a contract basis. The benefits of taking on a temporary assignment are numerous and go beyond adding a measure of flexibility to your professional life. One plus is the chance to meet new coworkers at each new gig: something… Read More »

How to Have More Fun at Work

Getting up each and every day for work shouldn’t put you in a bad mood. In fact, a positive attitude about your job helps increase your productivity, which gets you noticed by your bosses; possibly leading to additional responsibilities, a raise, or even more. In short, having more fun at work is ultimately good for… Read More »

Small Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for More

Deep inside, you possess a strong desire to move into management or at least gain more responsibility at work. It’s a key part of the career path that you want to follow. However, depending on your current work situation, any chances for advancement are minimal. What if there was a way to let your managers… Read More »

How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Over the last few years, social media – especially LinkedIn – continues to grow in relevance for both job seekers and recruiters looking to source talented professionals. So obviously you need to make it an important part of your job search. This includes ensuring your LinkedIn profile stays up to date, and your other social… Read More »