Is Your Five-Year Plan up to Date?

A well-considered, long-term, and flexible career plan is a requirement, no matter your chosen profession. Trying to build a professional life lasting until retirement is not done by the seat of your pants. Instead, you need to set goals, further your education and training, as well as always giving your full effort when on the job.

Here are a few insights and ideas on how to properly plan for your career growth. Lifelong professional success takes vision, hard work, and persistence, just like nearly any other goal worth reaching. Never lose sight of the path!

Where Do You See Yourself in Five, Ten, or Twenty Years?

One of the most important aspects of any career planning exercise is the vision to see yourself a few years down the road. Do want to move into management someday? Does an entrepreneurial spirit drive your goal to open and start your own business?

Answering these questions needs to happen before you start setting goals along with the planning on how to achieve them. In essence, a roadmap for your career journey makes little sense without an idea of the destination you hope to reach.

The Right Research Helps You Make Informed Decisions

Researching your chosen profession is vital when developing a career plan. Are you willing to relocate or do you want to stay closer to home? Understanding what areas of the country boast plentiful jobs in your field is one example of the kind of research you need to perform.

Analyze the typical career path of someone in your profession. Do you need specialized training or an advanced degree for success? If so, research employers known to provide excellent career development and tuition reimbursement as a perk.

Time to Set Some Short and Longer Term Goals

At this point, setting a few goals is a smart idea as you embark on your career journey. Focus your short-term goals on success in your current position. Including your manager in this process is a smart idea, as they can offer suggestions on training and additional education if relevant.

Longer term goals are also important. An experienced recruiter or a career mentor is a good resource to use for this part of your career planning. A mentor in the same field as you likely understands how to keep your career plan up to date in order to achieve your professional dreams.

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