Common Interview Mistakes You Might be Making

A great résumé and personalized cover letter helped get you an interview with a top company in your area. Now comes the most important part of your job search, as an exemplary interview performance is a must to earn that coveted job offer. As such, it’s vital you avoid the typical mistakes candidates make when meeting with a potential employer.

With getting the job of your dreams in mind, here are a few common interview mistakes worthy of your attention. This way, you are able to focus on these issues during your practice sessions; priming you for the best performance possible. Good luck!

Interview Preparation is Vital

Arriving at an interview without sufficient preparation is simply unprofessional; likely leading to a poor performance. Beforehand, you need to closely study your résumé, focusing on your skills and relevant work experience. Expect the interviewer to probe deeply into how your abilities match the needs of their open position. So, rehearse how to best answer any questions regarding your fit with the company.

Additionally, spending time on your interviewing techniques helps ensure you speak clearly and confidently when asked a question. Work on making natural eye contact without staring at the interviewer. Also pay close attention to your body posture, while minimizing any fidgeting and slouching.

Don’t Forget to Research the Company

When studying your résumé and professional background, make it a point to research the company with whom you are interviewing. Find out about their history, project work, current news, office culture, and executive team. Use this information to ask a meaningful question or two when prompted during the interview.

Never Arrive Late to the Interview

Arriving late to a job interview remains the easiest way to blow your chances at an offer. If an emergency arises, inform the company as quickly as possible. Don’t let bad traffic be an excuse, so consider taking a test drive to the interview site to get a feel for the traffic patterns.

At the same time, don’t get there too early. Try to shoot for 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If you arrive before then, spend the time going over your résumé again or possibly take a quick meditation session to calm your nerves.

Simply put, practice and preparation remain the easiest ways to ensure a great interview performance.

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