How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Over the last few years, social media – especially LinkedIn – continues to grow in relevance for both job seekers and recruiters looking to source talented professionals. So obviously you need to make it an important part of your job search. This includes ensuring your LinkedIn profile stays up to date, and your other social media accounts are clear of any unprofessional content.

With success finding a job in mind, here are a few tips on how to properly leverage social media when searching for work. Follow this advice and a great new position will shortly be yours. Good luck!

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Current

As the preeminent social media network for professionals, LinkedIn is likely to be the centerpiece of your online job search. As such, you need to treat your profile as a virtual version of your résumé. In short, keep it up to date with your latest job changes, new skills, and gained experience.

Also understand that recruiters search for candidates based on the hottest keywords, so pepper your profile with the latest terms describing your skills and experience. Additionally, make it a point to join LinkedIn Groups related to your professional role. Use this as an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals as it can be a great source for job leads.

Twitter and Facebook Also Help Your Job Search

Facebook and Twitter are also useful compliments to LinkedIn when looking for work. They provide a great way to follow interesting companies and find out about any open positions. Twitter is great for following thought leaders in your industry, which provides a great source for insights on their own professional success.

Ensure Your Social Media Presence is Professional

At the same time, you need to ensure your social media accounts are free from any embarrassing or unprofessional activity. This includes politically charged posts or anything putting you in a bad light. Remember, recruiters research a candidate’s social media presence before giving them an opportunity to interview, so don’t do anything to jeopardize the success of your job search efforts.

Twitter’s privacy settings are pretty limited, but Facebook offers a bit more flexibility. Make sure you understand how both work before starting to look for a new position. Ultimately, it’s probably easier to remove any unprofessional content from all of your social media accounts.

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