Small Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for More

Deep inside, you possess a strong desire to move into management or at least gain more responsibility at work. It’s a key part of the career path that you want to follow. However, depending on your current work situation, any chances for advancement are minimal.

What if there was a way to let your managers know you are ready for more responsibility? With career advancement in mind, let’s check out a few small ways you can display your leadership potential at your office. It just might be your first step on a path to the executive suite.

Simply Volunteer for More Assignments

Completing your regular work assignments ahead of schedule gives you the opportunity to ask for more work. Make it a point to go the extra mile on your normal duties so you have extra time for these additional tasks. This remains the most straightforward way to display extra productivity in the office.

Additionally, being proactive in this manner helps get you noticed by your bosses. They will start paying more attention to your work to see if leadership potential is another of your skills.

Take the Lead on Learning New Software

If your company recently started using a new software program for work, burn the midnight oil learning everything about it. This likely means spending some study time after hours, as you don’t want to lose focus on your regular assignments. Once you’ve become an expert, make it a point to mentor your coworkers; potentially even hosting a lunchtime training session to get everyone up to speed.

Continue to Take a Mentorship Role in the Office

In addition to being the office’s go-to person on your company’s software, take the opportunity to mentor your coworkers in other ways. This includes helping to onboard a new hire by showing them the ropes during their first weeks on the job. Also, take the lead in finding new ways to make office operations more efficient.

Ultimately, taking these few small steps goes a long way in showing your managers you are ready for more responsibility and a formal leadership role. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t immediately promote you. Just keep focused on doing a great job while displaying your true leadership ability.

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