5 Insightful Questions to Ask During Your Annual Review

Remember, your annual review needn’t be a one-way street. Sure, expect to receive information from your manager about your performance and areas of improvement. But you also need to ask a few meaningful questions that illustrate you care about both your employer and your career development.

With an engaged, interactive annual review in mind, here are a few thoughtful questions worth asking your boss. Use these insights to put yourself on a path to success with your current employer. Perhaps you’ll soon be in the other seat giving annual reviews to your direct reports?

How Do My Coworkers Think I’m Doing?

Collaboration and teamwork continue to be important across the business world, but especially in the technology sector. Asking this question shows you care about being a team player and perhaps that you possess leadership ability. Make it a point to use your boss’s answer to help you grow as a professional.

How Can I be More of a Help to the Rest of the Team?

This insightful question serves as an excellent follow-up to the previous query. Once again, it shows your focus on being a team player as well as the willingness to mentor your fellow employees. If you want to end up in management at some point in your career, these are the kinds of questions to ask.

What Skills Do I Need to Focus on Improving?

Showing you care about your career development is another smart idea during an annual review. This question perfectly illustrates a desire to improve as a professional. During the review, work with your boss to come up with some goals for next year related to learning new skills and improving the ones you already possess.

What Are My Chances to Move Into a Senior-Level Role?

This is a good question to ask towards the end of your review if you performed well over the previous year. Once again, it shows your desire to grow as a professional. If you also asked the first two questions earlier in the review, perhaps you are ready for a leadership or senior position in your short-term future?

If Our Situations Were Reversed, What Question Would You Ask Me?

Here’s another question illustrating an ability to go beyond your own concerns. It fits well with the questions about being a team player. Ultimately, understanding what makes your boss tick is always a good thing.

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