How to Turn Feedback From a Job Rejection Into Something Positive

Your well-crafted résumé led to a job interview with a top company in your area. You studied the company in question and practiced your interview techniques and felt you gave an excellent performance. Unfortunately, that coveted job offer went to another candidate. 

This rejection isn’t the end of the world. The most crucial point is to get back up, brush yourself off, and head right back into the fray. So let’s take a look at how to turn constructive feedback from your rejection into professional success on your next opportunity.  


Get Constructive Feedback From The Company

After receiving the bad news about the position for which you interviewed, reach out to your contact at the company for constructive feedback about your candidacy. Most organizations won’t have a problem doing so since they want to provide a positive candidate experience to everyone involved. This feedback is essential to you, improving your performance the next time out. 


Analyze Their Feedback and Change Your Approach

Once you receive feedback from the company in question, spend some time reflecting on this information. Is it a case where another candidate had more experience or was a better fit for their office culture? Was your interview performance not up to par? 

Whatever your findings, it’s important to improve any noted weaknesses in your interview performance. This includes emphasizing the right skills and experience a company needs. Also, don’t forget to analyze their company culture to ensure you tailor your responses to highlight you’re the right fit for their team. 


Develop The Skills You Need For Success

Many companies, while desiring strong technical or domain-specific abilities, also want employees with specific soft skills, like leadership, problem-solving, and communication. If the feedback you received shows, you are lacking in these areas, develop an action plan to help you acquire these capabilities. For example, joining a local Toastmasters chapter helps your speaking ability, which is essential when meeting with clients or even your coworkers. 


Be More Discerning When Applying For Positions

In the end, a more discerning approach when deciding on the companies where you want to work helps improve your chances at a job offer. Remember that cultural fit matters, so talk to other colleagues and their current employers to find out more about their office environment. Also, make sure your skills and experience closely match those of the open position. 


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