Giving Thanks: How to Write an Effective Thank You Note

Being able to craft a simple thank you note serves you well throughout your career. It adds a nice professional touch when interviewing with a company, even if you don’t receive a job offer. Also consider sending one when a colleague helps with you with a work-related problem or informs you about an interesting job opportunity.

Here are a few tips and tricks on writing an effective thank-you note. Remember that written communication remains an important soft skill needed by a variety of companies. In short, it’s something to help your career growth.

A Thank You Note Influences Your Shot at an Offer

According to a recent study, sending a thank you note after an interview is a must. A survey of hiring managers noted 68 percent felt receiving a thank you note influences their final hiring decision. Simply put, making this extra effort gives you a better chance at a job offer.

Be sure to send your note within one day after the interview. This ensures the hiring manager won’t think you are absent-minded or didn’t truly appreciate the opportunity. Be sure to get their contact information at the end of your meeting.

Write notes for who interviewed you as well as your recruiter. If multiple parties were involved in the interview, directly address the main interviewer while copying the others who also took part. This extra work definitely gets noticed.

Put Some Effort into Your Note for the Most Impact

A note just saying “Thanks for the opportunity to interview” likely won’t make much of an impact on the hiring manager. Any time you are writing a note to anyone professionally, you need to make a proper effort. Use a professional but friendly tone.

Email is the right medium for your thank you note. Sure, a handwritten note is a nice touch, but it may arrive too late. A text message simply doesn’t provide the same impact.

Shoot for a length of around two to three paragraphs. Somewhere around 100 to 150 words is long enough for you to thank them in detail, without being too verbose. Be sure to express your interest in the position and the fact you’d make a good fit for their organization.

Once again, a simple thank you note is a nice touch after an interview as well as other times you are helped by someone in your industry.

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