Didn’t Get The Raise? What’s Next?

After a great year and a positive annual review, you asked your boss for a raise. Unfortunately, they didn’t give you one, even after showing exemplary performance since being hired. Obviously, you are very frustrated, maybe even feeling a little betrayed. This is an understandable reaction.

At this point, it’s essential to take stock of the situation and not make any rash decisions, like quitting your job without another one lined up. Let’s look more closely at a few strategies for dealing with things in a professional manner. Perhaps a better opportunity is right around the corner?

A Calm Approach Works Best in The Long Run

While it’s tempting to lash out after being denied a raise, a calm approach is a smart strategy from a professional standpoint. Remember, employees, are judged for their ability to handle adversity. Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by overreacting.

Keep this tact over the long-term. Don’t let your disappointment affect your morale and subsequent performance. Professionalism trumps all other considerations.

Understand The Reasons You Were Turned Down

It’s important to find out why you didn’t get that raise. Maybe your employer simply can’t afford to boost your salary at this time? If so, keep that fact in mind and consider looking for a better opportunity somewhere else. Whatever the situation, understanding the company’s reasoning is a must.

Develop an Action Plan to Improve Your Performance

If you failed to meet a few goals, and that’s the main reason for no raise, you need to step up your game. Work with your boss to create an action plan to improve your performance, with tangible goals for you to achieve. Most great managers have no problem incenting their employees in this fashion.

Working together with your boss in this manner also helps your performance over the long haul. Hold periodic meetings to ensure you are on the right path towards reaching those goals.

Consider Starting a Job Search

In some cases, especially if you feel your performance warranted a raise, you simply need to look for a better opportunity. Once again, don’t hastily quit your job without a new offer in your pocket. If you work in IT, the market still favors the candidate, so great positions are likely available. Reach out to a colleague from your network or a recruiter for advice.

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