How to Let Your Boss Know You Want More Responsibility

You’ve been doing a great job in your current role, and feel ready to take things to the next level. Ultimately, a managerial position – or even more – lies at the heart of your professional dreams. So a simple question remains: how do you approach your boss to let them know you need more… Read More »

4 Phone Interview Tips for Engineering Candidates

Congratulations on earning an interview with a top engineering organization in your region. However, there’s one major difference that needs to be considered – the company scheduled you for a phone interview. You needn’t worry, as businesses typically use this type of interview when they are swamped with candidates or don’t have a large HR… Read More »

Common Interview Mistakes You Might be Making

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How a Positive Attitude Can Take You Farther

No matter your field or where you stand in your career, projecting a positive attitude at all times pays dividends. Companies don’t want employees known for poor attitudes, and your coworkers feel the same way about you. If you want a rewarding career that lasts until your retirement day, staying enthusiastic and supportive is a… Read More »

The Top Three Benefits of Contract Work

Whatever your specific career path or job specialty, you might get an opportunity to work on a contract basis. The benefits of taking on a temporary assignment are numerous and go beyond adding a measure of flexibility to your professional life. One plus is the chance to meet new coworkers at each new gig: something… Read More »

How to Have More Fun at Work

Getting up each and every day for work shouldn’t put you in a bad mood. In fact, a positive attitude about your job helps increase your productivity, which gets you noticed by your bosses; possibly leading to additional responsibilities, a raise, or even more. In short, having more fun at work is ultimately good for… Read More »