5 Ways You Can Build a Strong Personal Brand

Building a successful career becomes easier if you make the effort to build a personal brand. This is especially the case if you want to reach the corner office or even become an entrepreneur. However, this kind of marketing also helps differentiate you from other candidates when just searching for a job.

If you want to take your career development to another level, here are a few tips on crafting a personal brand attractive to companies. They also can help you become a thought leader in your industry. Or simply use these ideas to make your next job search a breeze.

Determine How You Want to be Professionally Known

The first step in creating your brand involves figuring out how you want to be known as a professional. Are you a full-stack software developer, a graphic design expert, a Cloud network administrator, or an Agile Scrum Master? This kind of self-analysis is essential for forging the right career path to reach your dreams. Forging a personal brand helps you get there more quickly.

Craft Your Online Professional Presence

At this point, you need an online presence reflecting your brand. Of course, a LinkedIn account is a must. Keep it fresh and up to date with keywords describing your skills and professional experience. Recruiters and HR personnel depend on LinkedIn to find great candidates.

Also consider starting a blog and getting your own domain name. Strong writing skills definitely help the process of publicizing your brand in this manner.

Analyze Your Chosen Industry and Make Connections

You now need to advertise your brand within your chosen industry. Research interesting companies where you see yourself making a positive difference in the future. Make connections with professionals from those organizations that pique your interest, as well as other industry thought leaders.

Highlight the Great Work Being Done in Your Industry (Including Your Own)

Publishing blog posts that highlight interesting project work performed at those companies is a great idea. Don’t forget to mention your own work that fits in with the posts’ subject matter. Eventually, you want to become known as a thought leader as well.

Network. Network. Network.

At this point, all the pieces of your personal brand are in place. You now need to focus on networking, both online and in person. Prepare an “elevator pitch” to use when meeting other professionals in person. Use this to grow a robust professional network to keep your career growing until your retirement day.

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