Ghosted by a Recruiter? Here’s What You Can Do.

Ghosting is a practice when a new hire stops showing up for work, or a candidate simply blows off an interview. It’s something that also occasionally happens in the opposite direction, such as when a recruiter stops returning a candidate’s phone calls and emails. It’s unprofessional and unfortunately happening more often throughout the business world.

If you are ever ghosted, it helps to know how to react to the situation in a professional manner. Let’s take a closer look at the issue. Ultimately, knowing how to properly handle things ensures little to no impact on your job search.

Reasons Recruiters Ghost Candidates 

Recruiters ghost candidates for a variety of reasons. These include a change in priorities regarding the open position, a focus on internal referrals, or they may have been let go by their agency. Of course, none of those reasons excuse the lack of communication. It’s likely a sign of a poor recruiter unable to juggle their responsibilities.

On the other hand, maybe you performed poorly on an interview and now aren’t a priority for the recruiter moving forward? Nonetheless, that doesn’t excuse the lack of communication.

Always Staying Professional is the Key 

No matter how upset you get after being ghosted, keep a professional attitude at all times. In the current tight job market, a recruiter who ghosts candidates simply borders on the incompetent, let alone the unprofessional. Nearly all reputable staffing agencies won’t look kindly on one of their recruiters behaving in this manner.

It’s a case where taking the high road benefits you in the long run. Companies need talented candidates, so keep a good attitude and brush off this incident as a lesson learned about that specific recruiter.

Keep Those Communication Channels Open 

Continue to reach out to the recruiter every week. Express your continued interest in the position and include extra details on how you make a great fit for the role. If they don’t respond after a month, simply move on, but remember their name.

If you are interested in that position, consider reaching out to another contact; maybe someone from your professional network can help?

In the end, partnering with a trusted staffing agency makes the most sense for your career growth.

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