The Importance of Company Culture in Attracting Top Candidates

In a competitive environment for talented candidates, office culture remains an important differentiator between businesses. In short, great employees want to work at great companies. Your organization needs to forge the right company culture to ensure it can attract new talent, as well as retain its employees.

Let’s look closer at this important issue influencing the staffing plans of many businesses. Leverage these insights to ensure your company can hire and retain the best. Ultimately, the productivity and subsequent success of your business depend on it!

The Main Reasons Why a Strong Culture Attracts the Best Employees 

A recent research study from Gallup reveals a myriad of reasons why culture is an essential part of business success – even going beyond staffing. Employees are more engaged when they feel part of a company’s culture. Subsequently, employee engagement improves both efficiency and productivity.

Of course, there are significant benefits to the staffing process as well. Engaged employees tend to want to recommend their employer to interested colleagues. This is a valuable source of excellent passive candidates.

Additionally, the Gallup study notes 71 percent of workers now use referrals to learn more about a potential employer. Considering the current candidate-driven market, a strong culture plays an essential role in a successful staffing process. It also serves as a feedback loop, where keeping your best employees engaged attracts more great candidates, and so on.

Why Talented Employees Want to Work Where the Culture is Strong 

The Gallup study also noted that top employees want to work for companies known for a strong culture. This includes compatibility with the organization’s mission statement, value, and goals. They also value career development, so companies who invest in training and provide perks like tuition reimbursement are attractive to these candidates.

Gallup also highlighted a few notable benefits to companies able to successfully hire from their top 20 percent of candidates for an open position. These include a 41 percent reduction in absenteeism and 59 percent less turnover. Both are extremely important data points considering the current talent crunch in the business world. Even more important is a 17 percent boost in productivity leading to a 21 percent increase in profitability.

Ultimately, fostering a positive company culture remains an important task for any business who desires success.

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