What to Ask in an Interview to Determine Culture

When searching for a new job, finding a company that is a great cultural fit definitely matters. It influences your morale, job satisfaction, and subsequent productivity. Organizations also understand that their culture affects their ability to retain their top talent. Obviously, they want to hire someone who’s a good fit.

The job interview, along with your research on the company, gives you a great chance to probe into their culture. Of course, it helps to know what kinds of questions to ask. Here are a few ideas to help prepare your line of questioning.

A Selective Approach Before Applying Helps

Even before you start applying for jobs, it helps to narrow down the number of companies. This is especially the case in the current candidate-driven market highlighted by a low unemployment rate. The demand for talented candidates remains high, so you can be selective when it comes to culture.

At this step in the process, spend time researching the companies that pique your interest. Reach out to their employees on LinkedIn or in your professional network to gauge their opinions on working there. At that point, you are ready to begin sending out résumés and cover letters.

Notice the Office Environment at the Interview

If you are interviewing at the company’s location, pay close attention to the office environment, especially the mood of the employees. Simply put, try to picture yourself working here. Your intuition or gut feeling truly matters in this situation, especially with something difficult to explicitly define like “fit.”

Use this information to help better inform your questioning during the interview.

Ask Pointed Questions on the Company’s Office Culture

Ultimately, the interview gives you the best opportunity to discuss the company’s culture. Try to find out about their management style and how leadership resolves internal conflicts. Query the interviewer about the business’s communication policy and whether employees are able to offer their own ideas and insights.

Probe into the interviewer’s opinions about working there along with their view on the culture. Of course, pay attention to whether they seem too biased. If you noticed anything worth asking about during your tour of their office, do so.

In essence, you are essentially becoming the actual interviewer. Remember what we said about a candidate-driven market. This approach helps you make the right decision if you receive a job offer.

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