Why Should I Work With a Recruiter to Find a New Job?

Whenever it comes time to look for a new job, embarking on this journey by yourself is one option. However, your chances at earning an offer increase by working with a recruiter. Experienced recruiters are familiar with the current market, know the hottest skills, and understand the importance of a good fit between candidate and employer.

With a successful job search in mind, here are a few reasons why partnering with a recruiter gives you the best chance at success. Consider this advice and soon the job of your dreams will be yours.

A Major Reason Recruiters Want You to Get a Job

Recruiters have a vested interest in your successful job search. The fee they earn is based on your annual salary after you are hired. In short, they want you to find a great job that pays well. Ultimately, recruiters are on your side.

When first meeting with a recruiter, determine an acceptable salary range for your next job. This helps them find the right position matching the dreams for your career.

Recruiters are Paid by the Employer

Keep in mind that the employer actually pays the hiring bonus to a recruiter. This means they must keep the company’s needs at the forefront of their effort in sourcing candidates. So, if your skills aren’t a good match for their client, they won’t present you as a candidate.

This is a major reason you need to be upfront about your skills and experience when meeting with a recruiter.

The Staffing Process Needs to Be Discrete

Recruiters practice discretion when sourcing quality candidates for their clients. Because of this, don’t expect them to tell you everything about the staffing effort. You might be a perfect fit for an open position when it comes to skills and experience. However, sometimes the company in question is simply considering other criteria when it comes to the right candidate.

Find an Experienced Recruiter for a Successful Job Search

An experienced recruiter gives you the best chance at success. Find one who knows the local area and the top companies with the right cultural fit for you. If you are in IT, make sure they understand the subtle differences in tech skills and platforms. Making an informed decision on your recruiting partner is the wisest approach.

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