Why You Should Personalize Your Résumé for Every Job

Your résumé plays an important role in any successful job search. A compelling and easy to read CV positions you as a top candidate for any open position. It needs to highlight your skills, professional experience, and tangible differences you made for previous employers.

Additionally, consider personalizing every résumé when applying for a job. While this is a must for your cover letter, the same approach with your CV lets you match your skills and background with the needs of the position. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s the right approach for your job search prospects.

Selling Yourself as the Right Candidate for the Job

The competition for the best jobs is typically fierce. Companies (well, their HR teams) parse through potentially hundreds of résumés trying to find a few candidates worthy of an interview. If your application package includes a generic CV and cover letter not tailored to the open position, chances of earning that interview are slim.

Ultimately, you need to sell yourself as the right person for the job. Study the requirements of the position in-depth and tailor your résumé to highlight your skills and experience matching their needs. Go into more detail in your cover letter, focusing on the tangible impacts you made throughout your career.

Research the company’s office culture and mission statement. Try to use some of this material in your CV and letter. It shows an extra personal touch that highlights your candidacy among the pack. This approach gives you a great shot at an interview.

A Conversational Approach Attracts the Eyes of the Hiring Manager 

Sure, taking a genuine conversational tack during cover letter is a smart tactic. This lets you engage the hiring manager while explaining clearly how you are the perfect fit for their open position. Once again, use the cover letter to support the contents of your résumé, going into more detail on your skillset and experience.

An engaging résumé works similarly. Sure, it needs to be filled with facts and figures – clearly displayed and easy to read. At the same time as crafting an attractive layout, illustrate how well your experience and abilities match their requirements.

Work with an experienced recruiter to ensure your résumé and cover letter puts you in the best light for any open position.

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