Are You Losing Talent to a Bad Candidate Experience?

In a competitive environment for talented professionals, your company’s candidate experience needs to stand out from the pack. Professionals actively looking for work with in-demand skills are rarely on the market longer than a few weeks. As such, organizations with a long, drawn-out hiring process tend to miss out on the best and brightest. 

If your business finds it difficult to successfully source and hire great candidates, analyzing your staffing process is a must. In the end, making things more efficient and ultimately faster helps increase your chances at a successful hire.  


Candidates Want a Great Experience When Applying For Work

A recent study highlights the problems candidates are discovering when applying for work in the current job market. Sixty percent of those surveyed reported a poor experience, with nearly 72 percent of them commenting about their issues on company review websites, like Glassdoor. Most importantly, 83 percent of these potential employees change their mind about an organization and its open position if they have a poor experience. 

Organizations – no matter their business sector – need to ensure a smooth process for anyone applying for a position. A failure to do so means companies are paying more for a more extended staffing effort 


Ideas For Improving the Candidate Experience at Your Organization

Some candidates get frustrated when they are unable to check the status of their application. Merely providing a candidate portal lets these interested parties keep tabs on the process in a self-serve fashion. At the minimum, ensuring your HR team regularly communicates with applicants throughout the hiring process is a must. Even sending out automated emails is better than nothing. 

Additionally, the hiring process needs to be fast, especially if your organization regularly hires technology candidates. As noted earlier, the top talent rarely stays on the market for longer than two to three weeks. Bogging the process down with multiple rounds of interviews won’t work. Your organization likely loses a chance at the top talent, while your managers need to conduct numerous interviews, keeping them away from their actual work. 

Also, consider partnering with an experienced staffing agency in your area to help pare down the candidate pool. This lets you focus on those candidates with the best chance of getting hired. 


Looking for Top Talent?

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