How to Use LinkedIn to Hire Quality Candidates

Sourcing quality candidates obviously becomes more difficult in a job market defined by a strong economy and low unemployment rate. This is especially the case with certain technical skills, like cybersecurity, AI, and data science. Your HR team truly needs to burn the midnight oil when the company has an open position.

In addition to being the preeminent social network for professionals, LinkedIn is also a great source for finding great candidates. In fact, it needs to be on your company’s staffing radar. So let’s look at a few strategies for finding talented candidates on LinkedIn.

Post Open Positions On Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn boasts a huge number of potentially interested job candidates. Simply posting your company’s open positions on its LinkedIn page is an obvious way to publicize any job opening. Keeping your LinkedIn page active with fresh news and postings that illustrate the company culture helps convince potential employees to submit an application.

Remember, LinkedIn is optimized for job-seekers. The site typically displays newly open positions to qualified candidates actively looking for work. They are able to directly apply for the position on LinkedIn. Ultimately, it’s an easy way to improve the efficacy of your staffing process.

Leverage Your LinkedIn Network for Recommendations

Your LinkedIn network provides a great resource for recommending qualified candidates for any open position. In fact, this is also a great way to find those passive candidates that typically rank near the top of the pool. When you start to receive applications for a posting, reach out to any connections who also know the candidate in question for their insights.

Use Keywords When Searching for Candidates

LinkedIn features a robust search engine optimized to find candidates with the certain skills your company needs. Encourage your HR staff and recruiting partners to quickly find qualified professionals using the keywords that describe the skills and experience your company desires. It’s a great way to add some depth to your candidate pool.

The same approach works in reverse. In addition to using your LinkedIn page to post job openings and highlight your company culture, pepper it with keywords sure to attract interested candidates. Additionally, upgrading your HR team to premium LinkedIn accounts helps them conduct searches and contact candidates privately.

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