3 Tips on Handling Your Exit Interview to Leave on a Good Note

Well, you accepted a job offer from a top company in your area. After giving your current employer sufficient notice, an exit interview is the next item on your plate before moving on. It’s important to treat it as an opportunity to share a few insights on the company and why you left.

Ultimately, leaving on a good note needs to be your goal. After all, you never know when you might need to use your former boss as a reference. Maintaining a large professional network is also important. So, here are a few tips on properly handling your exit interview.

An Honest Approach Works Best 

Answer the exit interview questions with honesty. Don’t sugarcoat any criticism, but at the same time, simply bashing your coworkers and others isn’t smart. Constructive criticism given professionally without negativity is the right approach.

Most companies want insights from an exit interview on how to improve their operations. If you provide some useful advice, it puts you in a positive light. Your old manager will remember this if asked to give you a reference in the future.

Specific Answers are More Helpful 

Be sure to go into detail when offering constructive criticism. Specifics are important, and ultimately give your opinions and insights more weight. Once again, keep any negativity to a minimum, especially when it comes to criticizing specific coworkers. In short, go into specifics on processes and policies; not individuals.

Beforehand, collect your thoughts on the items you feel need improvement. Take notes so you can refer to them during the exit interview. Your manager will likely appreciate the extra effort you made.

Don’t Forget to Provide Some Positive Feedback

The exit interview simply isn’t a platform for you to bash your employer – even in a constructive manner. Make sure you mix in some positive feedback as well. Explain the things the company does correctly and highlight the quality of your coworkers and your managers.

Discussing the reasons you are leaving for another position provides another opportunity for positivity. Don’t simply say you had to get out for your sanity! Focus on your individual needs for professional growth, without bringing up negative aspects of your current job.

In the end, make sure you leave things professionally and positively.

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