The Warning Signs of Employee Burnout

Keeping your staff engaged, inspired and productive remains essential for any organization, no matter their business sector. Employee burnout unfortunately plays a big role in siphoning the efficiency of your team. Because of this, it becomes vital for your managers to understand the signs of burnout and be able to take steps to handle the situation.

With an efficient team in mind, here are a few of the obvious warning signs of employee burnout. We also take a look at what you can do to mitigate the problem before the company’s productivity takes a significant hit.

Does an Employee Seem Disengaged?

Whenever one of your employees seems disconnected with the rest of the team, it’s a good sign they are feeling disengaged. The reasons for this vary, but burnout may be a contributing factor.

Meet with the employee in question to get a feel for the issue. Perhaps they feel uninspired? In this case, giving them a different set of responsibilities lets them potentially recharge their batteries.

Obvious Signs of Exhaustion

If an employee always seems tired and irritable when in the office, is burnout the reason? You need to find out quickly, as this kind of attitude can be contagious.

Once again, a direct meeting with the employee is in order. Are they having problems at home, or is a physical issue the underlying cause of their malaise? Managers need to be proactive when noticing problems like these; consider requiring the employee to take a few personal days if necessary.

Increased Absenteeism

A recent increase in absenteeism from a previously reliable employee warrants further analysis. This is especially the case when combined some of the other signs of burnout. Has their motivation bottomed out, or are they looking for new position elsewhere?

A direct meeting with the employee remains the best way to find out the reasons behind the increase in sick days. If their morale is really low, consider offering them a chance to take a training class to broaden their skills. This approach shows you truly care about their professional growth.

Ultimately, fostering a welcoming office culture focused on employee engagement serves as protection against burnout. Open communication and providing flexible work hours – including the ability to telecommute – also help build the right company culture.

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