Are You a Passive Job Seeker? Stay On Track With These Tips.

Maybe you aren’t actively looking for a new job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t open to a great opportunity. Passive candidates are very popular with recruiters and HR managers as they tend to be high-quality, experienced professionals. Companies spend a lot of time figuring out ways to source and convince these pros to join their organization.

With career success in mind, here are a few tips for passive job seekers. Leverage these ideas to ensure you are ready if the perfect job shows up on your doorstep. It’s the best way to keep your career path headed upwards.

Stay Active on LinkedIn

Treat your LinkedIn profile as the online version of your résumé. Use the hottest keywords to detail your skills and experience, as recruiters use these terms when searching for candidates. Also, join a few LinkedIn Groups related to your profession. This is a great way to build your professional network and potentially hear about new opportunities.

The ultimate goal with being active on LinkedIn is simply making it easy for recruiters, colleagues, and HR managers to find you with exemplary opportunities. Perhaps you’ll receive an offer you cannot refuse?

Build a Robust Professional Network

Speaking of building a network, you need to do this on LinkedIn, on other social media sources, and also in person. A professional network serves as a great resource when you are faced with a pressing problem at work. It is also a great source for potential job opportunities as noted earlier.

Always Keep Your Résumé Updated

In a similar manner as your LinkedIn profile, always keep your résumé updated with your latest skills and professional accomplishments. Even consider making multiple versions of your résumé tailored to different kinds of positions. This way you are able to emphasize certain abilities and experiences based on a potential open position.

Ensuring your résumé is always ready to go makes things easier for you whenever you decide to actively look for a new position. At the same time, prepare a cover letter template you are able to quickly personalize for each position that interests you. Keeping your interviewing skills in practice is another smart idea as well.

Ultimately, you want to be able to shift from a passive to active candidate as quickly as possible.

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