What Can You Do When You Feel Underutilized at Work?

Giving your best effort for your employer is how you roll. You arrive early, stay late, and help your coworkers as necessary. It’s an approach that should be attracting the attention of your bosses. Unfortunately, nobody seems to notice, and you are starting to feel underutilized at the office.

Ultimately, you want to take your career to a higher level. If your managers aren’t paying attention to your efforts on the job, they likely aren’t giving you the additional responsibility you deserve. So let’s look at a few strategies for handling this professional situation.

Try to Look at Things in an Objective Manner

Before reaching out to your boss about feeling underutilized, look at the situation from their point of view. Is it a case where you are easily handling the requirements of the job description and simply want more responsibility? Or perhaps the issue relates to not having enough to do around the office. The work just isn’t what the company advertised when you applied.

Whatever the situation, it’s important you look at all sides of the issue. Get your thoughts in writing, and email your manager to schedule a meeting.

Speak Clearly About the Issue With Your Boss

When meeting with your manager, it’s important to go beyond “I’m not busy enough.” Try to frame the issue around how you want to do more to help the company. This approach works better than one focused on your own personal gains.

Ultimately, additional responsibility needs to be deserved, so continue to work extra hard, while displaying leadership potential. Do this without stepping on any toes in the office. A good manager will definitely notice your efforts.

At the same time, ask them for additional training and education if you feel learning new skills helps the organization over the long term.

Create a Plan of Action to Gain Additional Responsibility

Use the information gleaned from the meeting with your manager to devise a plan of action to become better utilized at work. It’s actually a good idea to bring a draft of this plan when you first get together. This effort shows that you are serious about making a positive impact on your employer’s operations.

Remember, don’t make your request all about you. Emphasize your desire to become a top employee, and how giving you additional responsibility benefits the organization over time. It’s a team-first approach that puts you on a path to the corner office.

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