How to Answer Situational Interview Questions

Job interviews give companies a chance to truly vet the worthiness of a candidate. While the résumé does a decent job providing an overview of someone’s skills and experience, the interviewer is able to probe into the details beyond what’s on a CV. Situational questions – where a candidate is asked how they would handle a certain scenario – is a tool used by interviewers to explore how that person performs when on the job.

Check out these insights on how to effectively answer this line of questioning when prompted during an interview. This advice helps you better prepare for a successful performance and a potential job offer.

Predict the Situational Interview Questions

When preparing for your interview, devote time to determining the situational questions you might be asked. Review both your résumé and work experience as well as the job duties for the open position. Try to match your guesses with similar events throughout your career.

This approach provides a good mental exercise to reduce your chances of being surprised by the interviewer. Answering clearly and confidently becomes easier when you are prepared.

Understand the Company Culture

As part of your pre-interview research of the company, focus on their office culture. Use that information to better form your answers to any situational questions asked during the interview. Tailor your responses to match the type of person employed by that company.

Focus on Problem-Solving While Staying Positive

Companies want employees who are able to solve problems. That’s one of the main reasons they use situational questions when vetting the quality of their candidate pool. So, keep this in mind when studying for your interview. Focus on how your problem-solving skills made a difference for previous employers.

Additionally, remember to stay positive when recounting events from your work history. Even if a co-worker or manager caused the issue that needed solving, don’t harp on the negative. Using this tack when answering puts you in the best light possible.

Highlight the Tangible Impacts You Made

In an interview, you want to present yourself as an employee able to make a difference for that company. Towards the end of answering a situational question, summarize your response by highlighting the tangible results of your action. Once again, reference the skills and duties highlighted in the company’s job ad in your answer.

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